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If you’re facing DUI charges, much is at stake. Depending on the category of the charge, the penalties include a range of fines and other punishments—including jail time—corresponding to the degree of the offense. However, all DUI arrests have at least punitive fines and suspension of driving privileges in common. Call Fred P Ramos Law Office if you’ve been charged with DUI. As your drunk driving defense attorney in Independence, OH, I work aggressively to defend your rights and secure a better outcome for your case.

Were You Arrested for Driving Under the Influence?

Even first-time DUI convictions have relatively severe results. Besides mandatory fines and probation, a conviction negatively affects your eligibility to operate a motor vehicle. Turn to my law firm to make sure you receive the most effective defense for your case. I’m the DUI defense attorney who will thoroughly review the specifics of your case to determine the most appropriate defense approach.

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The Benefits of My DUI Law Firm

Besides improving your chances for a favorable outcome in the courtroom, there are other reasons to choose me for your legal representation. When you consult with me, I assist by:

  • Guiding You Through Complicated Legal Proceedings

  • Offering Honest Advice on How to Move Forward

  • Making Sure You Understand the Charges and Consequences

  • Preparing You for Trial

  • Providing You with Tireless Advocacy

Contact me immediately if you need to consult with a DUI defense attorney. I proudly represent clients in Independence, OH.